About the Arts Center of

Kershaw County

Our History

The Arts Center of Kershaw County was founded in 1974 by the Camden Art Association, the Camden Music Association, and the Camden Community Theater as a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing arts experience and exposure to all ages. The Arts Center also provides arts education for Kershaw County youth through its close partnership with the Kershaw County School District.

Originally founded to serve as the artistic hub of Kershaw County, this is the goal that the center continues to build upon. The center’s campus is three buildings in the heart of Camden that include a stage, gallery, classrooms, and studios. The Bassett Building houses the Wood Auditorium, Bassett Gallery, and offices. The Daniels Education Building houses space for arts education classes and studio space for music instruction, dance, and visual arts. The historic Douglas‐Reed House is used for a variety of events.


Daniels Building


The Douglas Reed Building

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The Bassett Building

Our Mission

To create an environment that promotes artistic and cultural experiences and provides superior educational, instructional and entertainment opportunities that elevate and enrich the community for all residents of Kershaw County and beyond.

2022-23 Annual Report

Each year the Arts Center of Kershaw County produces an annual report with information on the programming, finances, and supporters of the prior season. You can view the 2022-23 Annual Report at the link below. Additionally, you can find access to our 990 here.

2023-27 Strategic Plan

Every 5 years the Arts Center of Kershaw County undergoes a rigorous planning process to produce a strategic plan for the following five years. You can find the 2023-2027 plan at the link below.